Get involved!

Fairer Scotland is about you – the citizens of Scotland – and what you think needs to happen to ensure Scotland is a fairer country by 2030.

This being the case, please get involved in the conversation! We’re very keen on hearing your issues and ideas.

Contributing is easy, and there lots of different ways to get involved and have your voice heard.

  • You can post any ideas, reports or blog posts to FREEPOST FAIRER SCOTLAND
  • Or better still, why not email us your ideas at
  • You can also use our larger ‘citizen space’ form, and elaborate on your community or group and the ideas discussed [the form is at the bottom of this page].

Social media
We’re also very keen on you making use of our social channels, and these bring their own exciting opportunities:

  • Follow us and drop your ideas on Twitter at scotgovfairer
  • Please use the twitter hashtag #fairerscotland in your tweets!
  • Find us on Facebook at
  • Follow our Instagram account @fairerscotland
  • Please use the Instagram hashtag #fairerscotland with your photographs or 15-second video clips

Share your ideas!
Fairer Scotland is an ongoing conversation with the people of Scotland. We are therefore publishing all ideas and suggestions received from citizens, groups and organisations on our dialogue application.

This means you can:

– Comment on the ideas raised so far
– Create and share your own ideas.

Once you arrive at the site, registration is quick and simple.

Perhaps you disagree with some of the ideas raised so far? Or perhaps you have a better suggestion? There’s lots of room for new ideas across our eight themes [and beyond] so go on – get involved!

More information

Website, Fairer Scotland dialogue application
Visit the dialogue application to view some of the great ideas already submitted in the Fairer Scotland conversation! You can comment on these ideas, and share some of your own. Go on, get involved – towards a Fairer Scotland.

Website, Citizen space web form – Send us your feedback!
Already had a conversation about a Fairer Scotland? Use this form and send us some of the issues and ideas that were discussed. If you enter your email address you will be able to return to edit your submission at any time. You will also receive an acknowledgement email when you submit.